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08 August 2008 @ 02:14 pm
Job Applications  
Applying for jobs has to be one of the most boring and frustrating tasks I have experienced. Putting aside endlessly having to send off repeat emails to countless jobs, it doesn't help when you get replies from ignorant employers. I have had so much trouble with my CV because my grade 12 certificate equivalents are two Diplomas. I have had several replies to my applications stating that they are not looking for applicants who are studying in or have a University degree. It's making it all the more difficult to find a job to occupy me until February when I can start university and find a part-time job. And I desperately need a job to get out of the crowded house I am staying in at the moment. Running after two young children all day long drives me crazy.

I set up another bank account for my savings today and I am pleased with that. Saving money is hardly ever successful when its in your main account that you're always withdrawing from. I always end up spending it. Picked up a guide road to NSW roads and driving. I really, really need to get that done.